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Carmen: +1 829 903 2930
Eric: +1 809 869 5674
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Our Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch or French

Who are we…

A happily married couple, enjoying retirement.


My name is Eric Hertsens and I am a long term Cabarete resident, Belgian expatriate, As a good European I am fluent in four languages. (English, Spanish,French and Dutch/Flemish).

I fell in love with the Cabarete wind, waves and deep ocean around 1983 and Cabarete became my new home. Now 35 years later @57 I am retired and licking my wounds from a very active life. 

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Eric doing what he does best

My wife Carmen Marques, a Spanish expatriate from Barcelona has worked most of her life for a large, multi location, hotel chain as a chief financial officer. 

Her family tree reaches all the way back to the Columbus times of this island.

She has lived in Cabarete for 20+ years and together we have a teenage son. 
Carmen speaks Spanish and English

Your host Carmen surrounded by generals and presidents :).

Casa Portals are budget rentals located on the same property as our home. 

We have an other property where we offer one and two bedroom full service apartments with large pool and beach access. Please visit Dulce Vida Cabarete

Live and let live, to each its own, no guts no glory, no pain no gain, are some of our moto’s in life.